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The Shiproom / Episode 4 / GeekWire

Microsoft Office 365
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01/23/2019 | 0 | Video

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General Description

This week Brad turns the tables on the media when he starts asking the questions to veteran tech journalist Todd Bishop -- the co-founder and editor of 'GeekWire.'

Todd talks about the most common question and concerns he hears from the tech and IT community, in particular the huge concerns about data privacy, as well as the security advantages offered by the cloud.

Brad also presents a pop quiz about important new startups, and Todd talks about the characteristics he sees in successful companies and the tools he uses at GeekWire to help his reporters stay mobile and productive no matter where they're working.

There’s also news about Todd’s new podcast with Microsoft's very own Steve Ballmer, called "Numbers Geek."

Other items discussed: Beetlejuice, Oreos, picking a major in college, chili competitions, fake phone calls, and then things get really controversial when they rank Battlestar Galactica vs. Star Wars vs. Star Trek.

To learn how you can shift to a modern desktop with Microsoft 365, visit:

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