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The Shiproom / Episode 5 / Campbell Soup

Microsoft Office 365
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02/06/2019 | 0 | Video

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General Description

In this episode, Brad talks with the CIO of the Campbell Soup Company, Francisco Fraga.

They discuss how Campbell's uses technology to stay nimble in an industry with so many small, fast-moving competitors, and Francisco explains what they've learned by measuring the business impact of giving their workforce the tools they need to collaborate and stay productive.

Francisco also educates Brad on slang expressions from his native Venenzuela, and a soup historian quizzes him on Campbell's 150-year-old catalog of soup flavors.

The guys also look back at what was learned from moving to the cloud, and how Campbell's is more secure and responsive after making the move -- and how to educate the workforce on using the new technologies which come with that move.

This episode also offers a definitive answer to one of the modern era's most divisive questions: Is cereal technically a soup?

Other items discussed: The dangers of monkeys with razor blades, the wisdom of putting fruit on pizza, micro lending, Venenzuelan snacks, and spiders.

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